Max Hamilton

I am a father of 3, and a property developer by day. I have a son with a rare chromosome replication called 49xxxxy. My son’s medical and learning difficulties have brought me to encounter and benefit from all sorts of Jersey’s healthcare and education provisions, not to mention a lifesaving air ambulance journey during a very snowy December 2013.

Between 2006 and 2017 I was a director of a successful cancer research business, based at Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital. I have travelled to several special needs conferences, and host the annual Focus Foundation UK 49xxxxy conference. My newest endeavours are visiting and fundraising for an orphanage in Ghana and finding development opportunities in Jersey for Special Needs residences. Due to my experience and a desire to understand and contribute to the provision of services for individuals and families living with special needs, I was very excited to join the Parent Forum and be given the opportunity to be a special needs parent representative.